How To Crossfade On Apple Music?

Is Apple Music allowing crossfading?

Apple Music has finally rolled out its most awaited feature to shorten the gap between the current track and the start of the next one: Crossfade. The feature doesn’t let you feel the song’s gap. When your one song starts to fade out, another fades in within no time. To smoothly transit tracks so the songs never stop, you must know how to Crossfade on Apple Music.

Users with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 devices can enable this feature on the platform and make their experience more enjoyable. This blog will run you through the complete guide on how to Crossfade on Apple Music so you can listen to songs without interruption.

How To Fade Songs On Apple Music iPhone?

Enabling the Crossfade on Apple Music won’t let you feel the general time gap between the songs. It works just like Spotify’s crossfade feature, allowing you to select the length of the fade from 1 to 12 seconds. Follow these steps to fade songs on Apple Music.

1. Open your iOS device and head to the settings.

2. Navigate to Music and scroll down to find the crossfade section.

settings-music app

3. Once there, press the toggle button to enable the feature and use the slider to customize fading seconds based on your preferences.

crossfade-apple music

Steps To Turn On Crossfade On Apple Music Mac

For some reason, Apple Music on iOS devices has never offered crossfading despite the community’s consistent demand. Now, when it’s finally happened, users with upgraded iOS 17 devices are only allowed access. Here’s how to fade songs in and out in the Apple Music on Mac.

1. Open the Apple Music application on Mac.

2. Click Music in the menubar, and head to the settings.

3. Select the playback tab and use the slider to choose the crossfade duration.

Why Is There No Crossfade On Apple Music?

Not using the latest version of the application will be one of the reasons why Apple Music’s Crossfade is not working. Simply navigate to the App Store, update the application, and see if it works.

Can You Adjust Crossfading On Apple Music?

Crossfading on Apple Music provides a slider to adjust the amount of time it takes for current songs to fade out and new songs to fade in. You can adjust the slider between 1 and 12 seconds.


Features like Crossfade become your savior when you don’t want interruption while listening to songs. It smoothly fades out of the current track and fades into the next one. Now that you know how to crossfade on Apple Music, set the amount of transition between the songs and enjoy non-stop music.