What Are Featured Photos On Facebook?

Does FB featured photos help you growing your business?

In the past few years, Mark Zuckerberg has added numerous features to Facebook. Featured photos on Facebook are one of them. It allows you to add multiple photos to showcase your favorite photos on your timeline. This feature is a great way to give your followers a sneak peek of your life events, especially if you are a creator.

In this article, we’ll understand what Featured photos on Facebook are and how to use them to increase engagement rates on the platform.

What Are Featured Photos On Facebook In 2023?

Featured picture collections on Facebook are inspired by Instagram stories located above your profile pictures. Through this latest feature, you can add a collection of photos to your profile to showcase your favorite moments. FB Featured photos are public by default, so anyone not following you can also view them.

How To Create A Collection Of Featured Photos On Facebook?

Using FB Featured photos is one of the effective ways to drive an audience. This feature works best for Facebook business pages struggling to get their post’s engagement. If you want to grow your page, here’s how you can do it:

1. Open your Facebook application and head to the profile icon at the bottom.


2. Navigate to the edit profile option and scroll down to find the Featured photos section on Facebook.

3. Tap on the + icon and select photos from the gallery.

featured photos-facebook (2)

4. When you are done, tap on the next button at the bottom and then the save button. 

featured photos-fb-steps

With these steps, you can successfully add collections to your timeline.

Steps To Add FB Featured Photos On Computer

Most creators use computers or laptops to monitor their business Facebook page. The steps of adding Facebook Featured photos on the desktop are similar to the phone method.

1. Launch your Facebook on Chrome.

2. Go to the profile page and click on the edit profile option.

edit profile-facebook

3. Scroll down to find the Featured Photos section, and click on the edit at the top.

featured photos-facebook

4. Select the add new option and select the photos from the file you want to add to your collection.

add new-facebook-steps

5. Once done, click on the next button and then on save. 

select photos-featured photos-fb

The FB Featured photos are not just to showcase your images but also to share your achievements as an entrepreneur with your followers. After gaining insight into what are Featured Photos on Facebook, you should upload your pictures in order to get engagement.

Also, if you want to know who views Featured photos or your profile, this feature can help you know as it works precisely like Instagram stories. People who have seen your Featured photos are the ones who view your profile. Remember that Facebook only lets you see your friends in the list and not others for some reason.