How To Buy Audiobooks On Spotify?

Spotify lets you listen to your favorite audiobook for a price. Let us find out how to buy audiobooks on Spotify.

If you read the headline of this article and assumed that your Spotify membership already included access to audiobooks, you would be entirely wrong. Despite your premium account, you must pay each time you want to listen to an audiobook. So, through this blog, let us help you figure out how do you buy audiobooks on Spotify.

Spotify is a premium platform for listening to music. With a vast music library, you can start listening to music anywhere without interference and advertisements at a price. Similarly, in 2022, Spotify recently extended its features to audiobooks. The new audiobook feature is available in countries like the United States, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Spotify treats audiobooks as standalone products, so you’ll often have to buy each book separately. Unlike music streaming, where you may opt to listen to music with advertisements even without a subscription, a paid membership is required to access audiobooks. So, let us see how to buy audiobooks on Spotify.

How To Purchase Audiobooks On Spotify?

Spotify audiobooks are only available for purchase on the web page browser through a laptop or desktop. You cannot buy audiobooks directly through the app. So, if a user wishes to buy an audiobook via the app, they will be redirected to the website. So, if you have not yet purchased an audiobook, let us go through how to buy a book on Spotify.

  • Open Spotify on the web browser

spotify web

  • From the home page, on the search bar, type the title name of the audiobook.
  • Select the book you would like to purchase

audiobook library on spotify

  • Tap on the green play button
  • Select ‘get ‘
  • You will receive an e-mail with the link to purchase the audiobook
  • Click on ‘buy audiobook’

buy audiobook

  • The audiobook purchase will be completed as the payment is initiated and completed.

In just a few steps, you can unlock and listen to your favorite books on the go through the app’s web version of the app. Once you buy the audiobook, it will be available for listening in your Spotify library. Depending on the book and the publisher, the prices of each book will vary depending on the popularity and demand. The price of most high-quality books falls between $5 and $35. However, A purchased book is yours to keep and read whenever you choose, as everything can be accessed in one place, from your playlists, downloaded songs, and podcasts.

We just went through the steps on how to buy audiobooks on Spotify. The process is straightforward. Spotify keeps updating different genres to cater to the various interests of the listener. So, you can enjoy from classics, fiction, autobiographies, bestsellers, trending, etc. You can find a wide selection of audiobooks to enjoy on the platform.