What Is YouTube Ambient Mode?

Watch your favorite videos in this mode to have a pleasant experience!

If you spend most of your pastime watching videos on YT, you must use the YouTube ambient mode. Since this video-sharing platform always works towards enhancing the user experience, this is one of the new features it has added recently.

And if you want a pleasant experience while watching your favorite series or gaming tutorials, you must know what the YouTube ambient mode is and how to turn it on.

What Does YouTube Ambient Mode Mean?

To make the dark mode on YouTube immersive, they introduced the ambient mode on YT in October 2022. This effect takes the color from the video and splashes them around the YouTube interface with a gradient texture. It picks up the color from the video in real-time, so if the color in the video changes, the glow around the video will also change.

For instance, if a light color appears in the video, the glow will also be bright around the screen. On the other hand, if there are dark colors in the video, the glow will also be minimal.

Also, YouTube has made this feature available for iOS, Android, and desktop versions.

How To Turn On The Ambient Mode YT? (iOS and Android)

To turn on the ambient mode on YouTube, you will need to turn on the dark mode first. If you are using the light theme, you won’t be able to access this mode.

Once you switch on the dark mode, here’s what you must do:

1. Open the YouTube app on your phone and sign in to your account.

2. Then open the video that you want to watch.

on ambient mode on YT

3. Once the video is playing, you must tap on the settings icon on the right side.

4. Now tap on the ambient mode to turn it on.

turn on YouTube ambient on iOS

How To Switch On The Ambient Mode On YouTube? (Desktop)

You can also enjoy the ambient effects feel on your desktop while watching YouTube videos. Even if you are watching YT videos on a desktop, you must first switch to the dark theme. Only then can you experience the ambient effects on YT.

1. Open Youtube.com.

2. Now, choose the video that you want to watch.

3. Click on the settings icon.

4. Turn on the toggle for ambient mode.YT ambient on desktop

Now that you know what YouTube ambient mode is, you must turn it on and enjoy the effects on your screen. So you can use this to enrich the look and feel of the videos or movies that you rent on YouTube.