How to Archive Facebook Story?

Now you can archive Facebook stories within 24 hours!

You must have archived your FB posts and photos before. But have you heard about the Facebook story archive?

Unlike other social media platforms, FB allows you to remove and save your Facebook story before it expires. Yes! After you add a story, you can delete and save it instantly on FB. Now, if you are wondering how to archive stories on Facebook? Here is what you need to do!

So, to hide your Facebook story, you need to open the story and archive the photo.

This blog will give solutions to every query you have related to the Facebook story archive! Let’s get started!

How To Archive Story On Facebook For iPhone?

Suppose your Instagram and Facebook are linked. And when you open your Facebook, you see your Instagram story automatically uploaded there. But what if you don’t want your Facebook followers to view it and still want to save it? Well, you can use the FB story archive feature here. Facebook allows you to archive your story within 24 hours of uploading. Once you archive your story, it will automatically delete it on the application. Now, without delay, let’s look at how to archive story on Facebook!

  • Open your Facebook on your phone.

open facebook app-steps

  • Go to the profile icon on the page.
  • Tap on your profile to see the FB story.

go to profile to archive photo on facebook-steps

  • Here, tap on the view story and then on three dots icon at the top.

view facebook story to archive-steps

  • Select the archive photo option.

tap on archive photo to remove the photo

  • You will see a pop-up saying, “save this photo to your story archive?” 
  • Tap on OK here, and you are done!

save the facebook story and archive it-steps

How To Find Archive Story On Facebook? 

After you have archived and saved your Facebook story, nobody won’t be able to see it except you. If you want to reaccess it, visit the story archive option. And to learn how to find Facebook stories archive, you must follow the following steps!

  • Launch your Facebook on your phone.

open facebook app-steps

  • Go to the profile icon.

go to the facebook profile icon-steps-to archive fb storyr

  • Now, tap on the three dots icon here.
  • Select the archive option.

go to archive to see your hidden photo-steps

  • Now, go to the story archive option at the top.

tap on story archive to see archive story-steps

  • Once you do it, you will see your saved story.

see all facebook stories

Know How To See Archive Stories on Facebook For Desktop? 

So far, we have shared the steps of archive stories on Facebook on the phone. But, now we will tell you the steps of how to see the story archive Facebook on your desktop!

  • Open your Facebook account on your desktop.
  • Now, click on the profile icon at the top.
  • Tap on the three dots icon and choose the archive option.
  • Go to the dropdown on archive and choose story archive. 
  • Once you do it, you will see all Facebook archive story.

This is how you can find and view your story archive on Facebook. But if you want to archive your Facebook post or FB photo, you can do that by going under the activity log!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you Archive a FB story within 24 hours?

Yes, FB is the only social media application that allows to archive a FB story before 24 hours.

Q2. How To Find Archived Stories On Facebook App?

To know how to find Facebook archived stories on the Facebook app, you need to go to the profile page, and under the three dots icon, tap on the archive. Once you do it, go to the story archive option to find your old and new stories. 

Q3. How To Enable Story Archive On Facebook? 

Sometimes, we remove our FB story, but it doesn’t show in your story archive. You can check whether your FB story archive feature is enabled in this situation. Check out these steps to know how you can: 

  • Open your Facebook profile and tap on the three dots icon.
  • Under the archive option, go to the story archive option.
  • Here, tap on the setting icon, and press the toggle button to enable it.

Q4. How To Disable Story Archive On Facebook?

After you have enabled the story archive feature, you can easily disable it by pressing the toggle button. Go to the story archive option, tap on the setting and disable the archiving feature.

Q5. How To Archive Facebook Chat?

If you want to archive messages on Facebook, you must use these steps!

  • Go to the Messenger app.
  • Select the chat.
  • Tap and hold on to it.
  • You will see different options.
  • Tap on the archive, and you are done!

Once you do it, to find the archived message on Facebook, you can visit the archived chat option on Messenger!

Q6. How To Delete Archive Facebook Story?

If you have accidentally storied something on Facebook and want to delete it, open the FB story, and under the three dots icon, tap on delete.


We have managed to answer everything about the Facebook story archive! And we hope you understood each step well!

Unlike other applications, the Facebook archive story is so incredible because you can save it before it stays 24 hours. And here is the gist of how to archive Facebook story: 

  • Go to the Facebook profile icon, and tap on the three dots icon.
  • Select the archive photo option and tap on OK!

Here is how you know how to Facebook stories archive. But, while using Facebook, if you have seen amazing videos on the story and want to save them, you can use the best tools to download the FB story!