How To Send Gifs On Messenger?

Let's find animated GIFs and stickers to send your friends on Messenger.

It would be a lie if you said you dislike using GIFs when talking with your friends. However, if you don’t know how to send GIFs on Messenger, then this guide is here for your assistance. They are in the trends, and people love using them as they are very relatable.

You do not even have to tap the send button to express your emotion. Instead, the GIFs will be sent to your friend immediately once you tap on them.

The GIFs process is more straightforward once you know how to send GIFs on Messenger!

How To Send GIF In Messenger Application?

It’s not as difficult as you think! Also, the process is quite similar for Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps:

1. Open your Messenger Application on your phone, and select your friend’s chat. 

select messenger chat-steps

2. Tap on the emoji icon. 

3. Go to the GIFs option, and choose the one you want to send. 

Gifs option-messenger

4. You can also search for a GIF if you don’t see the one on the screen you are looking for.

5. Let’s say you want a  burger GIF, search burger, and then select a GIF.

search gif-messenger

Steps To Unsend A GIF On Facebook Messenger On Your Phone

You can unsend the GIF you accidentally sent to someone or send the wrong one instead!

1. Open your friend’s chat, long-press on the GIFs, and tap on the three dots icon.

long-press gifs-messenger

2. Select the remove option. You will get two options: Unsend and Remove.

3. You can choose the option you want.

unsend gifs-messenger

How To Send GIFs On Facebook Messenger? (Desktop)

In case you run your Facebook Messenger on the desktop, here’s what you need to do:

1. Open the Messenger application on your desktop, and tap on your friend’s chat page.

select friend's chat- fb messenger

2. Go to the sticker icon at the bottom.

3. Now, head to the GIFs options at the top and select the one you want to send.

sticker-select a gif

4. You will also see the search box to find the GIF type you aren’t getting on the screen.

send gifs on messenger

Steps To Delete GIFs On Facebook On Your Desktop

What if you sent a GIF to one of the teammates you aren’t supposed to? In such a situation, you must know how to delete messages or GIFs on Messenger.

1. Open the conversation, and hover over the GIF you accidentally sent.

2. Now, right-click on the GIF to unsend it.

3. You will see two options: remove for you and remove for everyone. Here it would be best if you chose the remove for everyone option. 

unsend gifs on fb messenger

When You Unsend A Message On Messenger Does It Notify Them?

No, the user doesn’t notify when you unsend a GIF or message on Messenger. However, users will know that you have unsent something when they open the conversation.

Sending GIFs on Messenger is the most incredible way to express your emotion to your friend, mainly when you use funny ones. Now that you know how to send GIFs on Messenger, you can use it whenever you talk with your friend to convey emotions aptly. Also, even though this application is used to chat with your close ones, you can use it to communicate with your coworkers and send files if your Whatsapp isn’t working.