Why Telegram Update Fails?

Filed Telegram update? Here's how to fix it

Are you someone who uses Telegram a lot and wants to upgrade the app but can’t? Well, we have found the fix to your problem of the Telegram update failure. When you’re updating your app, there might be loads of reasons responsible because of which it is not happening.

So through this blog, we have enlisted all the reasons we think caused the Telegram update to be unsuccessful and how to fix it in a few steps.

Why Won’t My Telegram Update?

So as we mentioned before, there could be a variety of reasons why your update is stuck. When users try to update their app, the app is completely stuck on the “Update” screen. App users can’t go back, and neither the app gets downloaded.

The updating stuck screen is also common on the status screen. Well, there are many possible reasons for this glitch. But some of the usual errors are:

  • Telegram app being down– Sometimes, it may happen that the platform is down, and your update is stuck because of it.
  • Not connected to the internet– Checking your internet connection might just fix it. If you’re connected, make sure that your WiFi is actually working.
  • Installation in the background– An installation going on in the background might slow the process. So you can either wait or restart everything.
  • Bugs– It might happen that the version of the Telegram app you’re using might be bugged. This will eventually affect the performance of the app.

According to the majority, these are the issue that has majorly been the reason behind Telegram not updating.

Now that we have discussed some of the major problems that are the reason behind you getting stuck at the update stage let’s see some fixes.

How To Fix Stuck Telegram Update?

Well, just listing the problems without the proper solution won’t work for you. If you want to get past the stuck zone, you can use any of these fixes:

1. Fix Your Internet Connection

Telegram is an app that always requires a stable internet connection so that it can work properly. The app keeps sending the data to its cloud, so to keep it going, it must have good internet. Follow these steps to check your internet connection on your mobile phone:

  1. Return to the home screen while the Telegram app updates in the background.
  2. Now tap on your WiFi button and switch it off.
  3. Tap again to switch it on.
  4. Check whether it’s connected to the right network and if the internet is working.

If your WiFi is working at a good speed, soon you’ll overcome this issue. You can even check the speed of your internet connection by going to any internet speed calculator online or even downloading an app from the app store.

2 Update Your Device

If your Telegram update is still processing, you can also follow this next fix of updating your operating system. It might happen that your Telegram is incompatible with the operating system, hence creating issues for further updates.

If you’re using the application from your desktop, make sure that your PC or laptop is updated to support the latest version of the app.

3 Clear Caches For Telegram Update

Your Telegram app being stuck on the update can have another reason; uncleared caches. Remove corrupted caches from your device and check for yourself if the app is working. To do so, you need to:

  1. Go to the settings on your mobile device.
  2. Now go to Apps, and find Telegram. Tap on it. Clear Telegram Cache
  3. Scroll down and select Storage Usage.
  4. Now tap on Clear Cache.Clear Telegram Cache

Once you do that, you have removed all the corrupted caches from your mobile phone.

4 Check If The Platform Is Down

Another common reason why the Telegram update is unsuccessful is that maybe the app is down. Maybe because of the maintenance issues, the servers of the app may be down for a while. You can either wait or just check by visiting Downdetector. On this website, go to Telegram Server Status, and you can see whether the app is working or not.

If the platform is down, you will not be able to use its app or website. Other than waiting for it to get restored, there is no other way out. That is one of the main reasons why this app isn’t very popular, and people have deleted their accounts.

5. Restart Your App

A common way out is to restart your Telegram app. Because of any bug or other issue, the app might not work. Glitches on your smartphones are normal it may happen unexpectedly. So to fix this, you can restart your app. Just close the app on your phone and restart it. This will clear out any glitches and fix the app so you can run it properly.

6. Do Telegram Update From App Store

The update on the app might be stuck, but there’s another way you can complete the update. You can delete the app and install it again. But without uninstalling, you can update the app from the app store. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the app store on your phone.
  2. Search for Telegram.
  3. Now hit update, and let the installation happen.

Once the update is complete, restart the app and check if it’s working. This process removes all the unwanted bugs.

That’s all that you need to do to fix your Telegram update getting stuck. Remember, this app functions highly on servers and the cloud, so it might happen that using it can cause issues sometimes. Through this blog, you have seen all the major issues that all Telegram users face while stuck with the upgrade. To continue chatting, try out these fixes and continue using the app smoothly.