How To Reverse A YouTube Video?

Did you know you can reverse your YouTube video?

So, if you are wondering how to reverse a YouTube video? You are landed at the right place! Because here, we have mentioned the top three tools to flip your YouTube video in no time.

You can use tools like Kapwing, Clideo, Ezgifs, etc., to reverse a YouTube video! 

Honestly, there are various tools available online to use. But you can also use extensions like reverse YouTube. Now, let’s look at the details information on how to reverse a YouTube video.

How To Play A YouTube Video In Reverse?

How To Play A YouTube Video In Reverse

Reversing YouTube is a fantastic way to generate enthusiasm among your friends and family. This turns your whole video from an ordinary clip to unique. And to help you more, here we are giving some of the top tools you can use to make YouTube video in reverse.

Kapwingkapwing-youtube video reverse

Kapwing is an ad-free and easily accessible website that reverses your YouTube video. Not just YouTube but any video local video. It is also a free website; upload a video and start editing. once you do it, your Kapwing reverse video will be created. The website is also a cloud-based, so no matter where ever you go, you will be able to access it effortlessly!

To know how to play a YouTube video backward, visit the Kapwing website. You will see the choose a video option. Upload a video and select the reverse button and once you are done, download the Kapwing reverse video!

If you want, you can also reverse audio on Kapwing; you can do that as well. While doing it, you can also add waveforms, overlays, plugins, and templates. If you wish to resize the video, remove backgrounds, or play YouTube videos backwards, you can also do that!


clideo-reverse yt video

What we can say about it is that Clideo is another most effective tool for reversing a YouTube video. So now, if you are wondering how to play a video in reverse on YouTube, here is the way for it.

Visit the Clideo website, choose a file, set the speed of the reverse video, and download.

The best part of Clideo is it supports all YouTube video formats. It also gives you additional features like muting the video and changing the video’s format to another.


ezgifs to reverse youtube video

Let’s understand how to reverse a video in YouTube with Ezgif. This website is a lump sum of everything. So whether you want to resize the video or convert it into GIFs, you can do both. So to know how to play a video in reverse on YouTube, you need to go from the Video to GIF on the website and flip your video.

Ezgifs give you the advantage of uploading the file you wanna reverse or paste the YouTube link directly!

Now you know some of the tools to make YouTube video in reverse. However, these tools are not just for YouTube videos to reverse but for any video you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Play A YouTube Video Backwards?

If you want to play a YouTube video backward, you can use an application like Kapwing. It allows changing the background or removing it on the website itself.

Q2. How Do I Rotate A YouTube Video On My Laptop?

If you are a laptop user, it would be more convenient to rotate a YouTube video; you can use tools like Ezgif. Here are the steps you can follow tp rotate a YouTube video.

  • Open the Ezgif website.
  • You will see the rotate option there; tap on it.
  • Upload the video or paste the link directly and rotate the video!

Q3. How Do I Reverse A Video On My iPhone?

Reversing YouTube videos on iPhone is not as hard as you think. You need to use some tools like Kapwing, Ezgifs, Clideo, etc., to pull it off!

Q4. How To Reverse A Video In YouTube?

You can’t flip a video in YouTube; you need to use some tools or extensions for it. If you do a little search, you will get various tools, like iMovie, Kapwing, Ezgifs, etc., to backpedal a YouTube video.

Q5. What Is The YouTube Reverse Video Extension?

We have mentioned tools to flip your YouTube video, but by any chance, if you don’t want to use tools to reverse your YT video. You can use YouTube extensions like reverse YouTube.

Q6. What Are The Website That Reverses YouTube Videos?

You can check out these websites if you are wondering what is the best website that reverses YouTube videos!

  • Kapwing
  • Ezgif
  • Clideo

These are the best websites you can use to play YouTube videos backwards. If you don’t like any of these, you can search for others online!


We have mentioned the three top tools to know how to reverse a YouTube video. You can use these tools to play YouTube videos backwards effortlessly! And here is the list of tools you must check out!

  1. Kapwing
  2. Clideo
  3. Ezgifs
  4. iMovie
  5. Filmora

After reversing your YouTube video, if you wanna share the video with your IG followers to entice them, here is how to share a YouTube video to Instagram Story!