What Is Facebook Lookalike Audience?

Know about Facebook lookalike audience to expand your FB business page!

Simply put, a Facebook lookalike audience is a segmentation marketing tool for Facebook advertisers. With this, advertisers find audiences holding similar interests and demographic to their existing customers. When you create a custom audience for your business, you can also create a lookalike audience. This blog has laid out everything you need to know about Facebook lookalike audience and a guide to having it.

What Is A Lookalike Audience On Facebook? 

what is a facebook lookalike audience

Lookalike Audience is currently the most sophisticated Facebook targeting tool to find the audience sharing like-minded interests and demographics. So with this, any advertiser can easily find their target audience. Lookalike audiences are created based on customer information, website visitors, engagement rate, etc. 

So if you have a list of customers who purchased goods from you in the last years, you can use them as your lookalike audience source to generate more customers for your business.

How To Create Lookalike Audience Facebook?

create a lookalike audience

To create a lookalike audience, you must already have a Facebook business page; if you don’t, you must create one. So, you know what Facebook ads lookalike audience is! Now, if you are wondering how to create a lookalike Facebook to increase your target audience and make the most out of it, here are the steps you must follow:

  • Open Chrome on your desktop.
  • Search Facebook business manager, and click on the link.

lookalike facebook audience-steps

  • You better set up your Facebook business manager if you can’t access it.
  • Once you finish it, go to all the tools on the left panel.

all lookalike afcebook tools

  • Now, select the audience option under advertise.

facebook lookalike audience-steps

  • Here, click on create a lookalike Facebook audience button.

create a lookalike audience-steps

  • You will see an interface where you have to fill up your lookalike source, target audience location, and the percentage of people you want to target.

fill up information for FB target audience

Choosing the percentage of the target audience is an exciting thing. You may ask why? So, while choosing an audience, if you think you can reach more people by selecting more percentages, then you are right. However, there is no guarantee that the people you will gain are 100% of your target audience. So, it would be better to select fewer percentage to get more accurate people.

  • Once you do it, click create an audience, and you are done!

While picking your Facebook lookalike source, ensure that the source you are choosing has more than 100 people in your target location. For example, if you are selecting the united states as your target location, the source must have over 100 US residents.

more than 100 fb target audience-steps

Retargeting Audience And Lookalike Audiences

Retargeting means targeting your potential customers through ads, brand promotions, etc. However, FB lookalike audiences are your target audience, similar to your existing customer.

Now you also know what is Facebook lookalike audience and how to create it. Here we have shared the steps for everything, from video lookalike audience to email list audience. So, know that if you want to make any ad campaign, you must use Facebook business manager. But, if you want to know more about this, you can read the article on what is the Facebook business manager.