How To Remove Multiple Friends On Snapchat?

Here's a secret hack to remove all the friends from your Snapchat friend list!

As we all know that Snapchat is a top-rated social media app. And you get an opportunity to meet so many new people on it and send snaps to each other. But sometimes, you see your friends list and realize that you have too many unwanted and unknown people added to your account. In this case, you wished you could remove multiple friends on Snapchat.

Also, having too many unknown people in your Snap account can risk privacy. So it’s better to delete those from your account. But the problem is you cannot delete multiple friends on Snap altogether. However, you need not worry! We have a perfect hack for this issue, and in this guide, we will explain in detail how to remove multiple friends on Snapchat and be safe while using your Snap app.

How To Remove Multiple Friends On Snapchat At Once? (iOS and Android)

The only way to delete multiple friends on Snapchat is to delete your account. However, it is pretty easy to unfriend someone on Snap. There are three ways to unadd someone on Snapchat. Here’s how you can do it:

1. From Your Snap Profile

You can easily remove friends on Snapchat one by one by going to your profile and your friend list.

  • Open the Snapchat app and tap on your bitmoji at the top left.
  • Now go to my friends and select the person you want to remove.

Go to bitmoji and my friends

  • Tap on the person and select manage friendships.
  • Then select ‘remove friend.’

select a friends to remove multiple Snapchat

Repeat the process to delete other people on the list.

2. Remove Multiple Friends On Snapchat- From The Chat section

  • Once in the Snap, go to the chat section by tapping on the chat icon below.
  • Here you will see all your recent chats.

Go to chat and my friends

  • Now tap on the person you want to unfriend.
  • Select manage friendships and tap on remove friend to delete someone on Snapchat.

select a friends to remove multiple Snapchat

3. Search For The Person You Want To Remove

  • On your main Snapchat page, tap on the search icon at the top.
  • Now search for the person you want to unfriend.

Search for multiple friends you want to remove

  • Tap and hold on to the person and then select manage friendships.
  • Now tap on ‘remove friend’ to unadd them from the friends’ list.

select a friends to remove multiple Snapchat

Now you can easily remove multiple friends on Snapchat one by one. But if you want to delete numerous friends at once, that is currently impossible. So instead, you can create a new account on Snap to remove friends from your old account.

Also, you can delete your Snapchat account, but you will lose your progress on Snapchat. If you want to re-add someone on the app, the Snapchat app doesn’t include a list of ‘deleted friends’ that you can quickly go through to find all the deleted people. However, you can go to quick add or search for the person’s username to add them back. But if you still get annoying messages from the friend you removed, you can block them on Snapchat.